Bitizens is a Metaverse of P2E games where you own crypto citizens, manage their daily lives and earn $BTZ.

Owning a Bitizen can be both fun and profitable. These crypto citizens are highly productive and workaholic beings. They work for the feeling of purpose, not the love for money. And that’s why all the profit they make in the metaverse goes to you, the holder.

Launch Schedule

The Launch Roadmap below was disclosed in May 17th. NFT Launch is estimated for June 7th and Game Launch is estimated for June 28th. Dates are subject to change depending on market factors.

Bitizens is different:
5 reasons why.

BTZ is a BEP-20 token and will be available for swapping in PancakeSwap.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Bitizen?

Bitizens is not only the game name, but also how citizens of our metaverse are called. Bitizens are highly productive beings and a profitable resource to their lordholders (players).

How to acquire a Bitizen?

Bitizens can not reproduce themselves (at least not yet*). There will be mainly two ways they can be obtained: Through Bitboxes and the Marketplace. 

When opening a Bitbox, there are different chances of getting each rarities. One of the most important characteristics of rarer bitizens is the set of skills they have, which is better explained in our whitepaper.

How and when will Bitizens be launched?

The game will be launched during Q2 of 2022. We’ll start with the launch of an NFT Collection – Workaholix. We will then proceed to the Token Launch (IDO). Once that is done, we will provide liquidity to all players, allowing each user to buy BTZ and deposit it into the game. 

Is Bitizens a Play-to-Earn game?

Yes. Bitizens love a long journey of productive work. After the end of each journey, they’ll come home to you bringing BTZ (native token).

The working process of our metaverse is what makes our game so fun to play. Be sure to read about it in the whitepaper.

The more skilled, graduated, and rested, the more tokens your Bitizen will generate. 

Want to know everything about Bitizens?

The complete Bitizens Whitepaper is already published in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This document is the best way to understand our metaverse before it even goes live. – All Rights Reserved