The purpose

We want our tokens in the hands of our players.

It’s more than proved. A long-term project places the biggest part of its tokens in the hands of community. NOT on VCs, Launchpads, or even influencers

That’s why we created the BTZ Shillers Program. We will invest a big part of our Marketing tokens on players who help us make Bitizens huge!

Earn tokens

exclusive NFTs

IDO Spot

Get started as a Shiller today.

Start earning $BTZ today.

The first step to become a #BTZshiller is to be sure you know the basics of the project. All shillers have to be approved in a small test. The whole content of the exam is based on our whitepaper. 

> Read our Whitepaper

How it works

The game
THE game.

Shillers is a gamified marketing system that Bitizens created to reward users who help us in the growth of the project.

Shillers will be encouraged to run a variety of missions daily. Comment a video, write a tweet, vote on specific platforms, and, above all, INTERACT with our growing community.

Each mission you get done will give you points on our shiller game. We will also give points to shillers who are constantly interacting and helping newcomers in our Telegram group.

And as you earn points, you’ll also level up. And each new level comes with exciting new rewards.

With new levels come new rewards. You can earn tokens, NFTs, tickets and even a guaranteed spot on our IDO.


Levels & Rewards

New rewards are unlocked at each level you conquer. 

We also have some extra prizes:

  • Top 15% Shillers: Guaranteed Spot on IDO
  • Draw Tickets: 01 Legendary Bitizen 
  • Top 1 Shiller: Win a Legendary Bitizen NFT 

Frequently Asked Questions


How to become a Shiller?

Shillers are our partners. They’re early members of our community who also have the desire to make Bitizens known and be rewarded for that.

The first step to become a BTZ Shiller is to take the Entrance Exam. The goal of the test is to make sure our shillers know the project they’re promoting. Answer all questions correctly and you will become a shiller!

Once you finish the test, you’ll be added to the Shillers Official Group, where instructions and missions will be sent to you!

Can I be a Shiller if I don't have a computer?​

Sure! All we will ask you is an upload of a screenshot of the missions you’ve done. The shilling missions can be done on smartphones, tablets and computers. 

Can I invite my friends?

Sure. The more, the merrier. Just be sure to direct him to the Entrance Exam. Do NOT add him to the group manually, as we will only consider users who have passed through the exam.

When will I receive the rewards?

ALL rewards (whether tokens, NFTs, etc) will be paid and sent to you right AFTER the launch of the project. 

How can I check my points & level?

Our team will manually check your missions and give you points for that. Once you enter the group, you’ll be given a link where you’ll be able to check your current level & points on a daily basis.

Is there a maximum of shillers the program will allow?

Yes. We don’t have the number yet as we want to measure results first, but it’s definitely a LIMITED program. So speed up and become a shiller right now! 


The goal of the Shillers program is to create a good impression of the project. Any action hurting that goal will be discouraged. We will not allow spamming or any attempt to cheat the program. Copying other colleague’s messages might also end up on ban vote. 

Every shiller has the power to call a ban vote if he/she believes another shiller is hurting the program’s goals.