5 Reasons Why Bitizens is Different

What makes Bitizens different from other DeFi games

We’re happy to disclose the foundations of the strategy behind Bitizens, the article below will introduce the main points that makes Bitizens different from the majority of game projects being launched.

Reason #1: Bitizens uses the Quick Launch Formula

Almost all game tokens launched in 2022 suffer from the same problem: they can’t keep the hype. Especially in projects where the game or play-2-earn feature is scheduled to be launched months or quarters after TGE.

That makes the price go up during the token launch, but then drastically go down weeks later. The team then has the challenge to keep the hype for months until the game launch. If they fail, there won’t be enough resources to deliver the finished game.

Bitizens is taking a different approach.To solve that, our marketing team is using the QLF (Quick Launch Formula). A mix of the well known Launch Formula widely used in Digital Marketing with the Crypto Growth Hacking strategy used in successful IDOs.

In a practical way…We architected our QLF in a way that the whole launch sequence is executed in 10 days – from the Whitelist to the opening of the Play2Earn feature.

The Launch schedule should look like this:

  • Day 1-5: Whitelist Opening (with Referral tickets)
  • Day 6-7: IDO
  • Day 7: Platform Launch
  • Day 8: TGE: Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Day 8: In-Platform Staking
  • Day 8: Deposit Feature and NFT Purchase
  • Day 9: Working Feature (Play 2 Earn)
  • Day 10: Withdraw Feature (Daily limits)

Note that TGE is on day 8 and Play2Earn launches on day 9, the very next day. That means that players will only need 1 day to start using their tokens and start calculating the game’s ROI.

This immediate use of the token and ROI proof will immediately trigger organic content creation and word of mouth.

Reason #2: Bitizens had NO Private Sale

Bitizens took the decision to NOT have a private sale. And that includes no Venture Capitals or even Launchpads.

Projects that are backed by private sale, VCs and Launchpads have the advantage of massive marketing investment that makes it so much easier to hype the project.

But it comes at a cost and a quite expensive disadvantage. These very same investors will dump their tokens on the market as soon as they can. No economy plans can ever stand against a group of investors who own an equivalent of 30-50% of available liquidity. These projects are only beneficial for the investors and the IDO participants.

We’re aiming the opposite. We want the majority of BTZ tokens to be in hands of our players, not investors that had access to a lower price and will dump on our players.

We invested months developing our economy plan. You can read all details about it in our Whitepaper.

Reason #3: Bitizens has a DAO-Voted Roadmap

While the QLF and P2E feature are responsible for growing the hype, there is still a need to keep it along months and years. And our roadmap is responsible for that.

Bitizens is here to stay and our plans are for the long run. The team’s vesting (disclosed in the tokenomics) is the proof of that. We will only achieve our full profit if we successfully keep the project growing throughout the next 3 years.

One more cool thing about Bitizens is that we give our community the choice of what features should be delivered next. The roadmap and possibilities are already published, but the community is in charge of deciding what should be prioritized.

For the first phase of the project, the Devs are delivering a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – a version of the game that is already playable and generates $BTZ.

The next phases will bring more playability, real estate investing, opening of the stock market, furniture marketplace, creation of a utility token, and so much more. The point is: the community is control of what feature will be prioritized.

Reason #4: Bitizens’ Involved Community

As mentioned before, the community is at the very center of Bitizens ecosystem. And that’s a fact since the very beginning.

Enter our chats and you’ll notice a group of people that believes in the project and is willing to help other people.

Introduction of the Voting System

We value and trust our community so much that we want them making decisions on the game’s future with us.

No, we’re not talking about Telegram Polls (usually manipulated by bots). Our ultimate goal is to have it done through a voting system that will be hosted in a safe environment where players can vote. Long-term and higher-level players will have bigger influence on the votes.

Reason #5: Bitizens’ Shiller Program

We take community so serious that we made it the essential horsepower of our growth.

We will soon initiate the BTZ Shillers Program and open it to our community. Shillers is a program that rewards our users for marketing tasks and invitations they do. It is a level system where shillers will get rewards for each achievement.

The top shillers will be rewarded with exclusive rewards such as NFTs, Whitelist spots and BTZ tokens.